In 1927, the Berlin public and critics were celebrating the documentary «Berlin - A Symphony of a Big City» by Walter Ruttmann, showing one day in Berlin at the end of the 20ies. The pictures, perspectives and cuts of the movie are put together in an amazingly condensed manner, reflecting the pulsing of the city at that time. The video-clip-like film cut and a fascination for the historical aspect of the film inspired the band TRONTHAIM to a completely new composition, in which the traditional piano competes with pictures and electronic music. The result is a one-hour live-performance which transfers the ecstasy of the pictures in 1927 into the reborn city of Berlin in the 21st century. The electronic band TRONTHAIM, that is the theatre musician Daniel Dorsch (works for Hexenkessel-Hoftheater, Staatstheater Stuttgart, Volksbühne, Gorki-Theater, Hebbel-Theater) and the picture and sound designer Sascha Moser (works for EMIGRATE, BELA B., SEEED, PETER FOX). They presented their work at numerous occasions, such as in Florence, Cannes, Riga, Lisbon, Paris, Ramallah, Antwerp, Algiers, Tunis, Khartoum, Strasbourg and Oslo.

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Berlin - Symphony Of A Great City

A film by Walter Ruttmann, 1927

with a new electronic soundtrack live presented by:



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Friday, December 29, 2023, 09:15 pm

Kino Central

Rosenthaler Str.39, Berlin

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